standard-title English Summer camp

English Summer camp

Summer Course Admission process


Students aged from 6 to 18 can register in our summer course. If you wish to see all the information of our program, (dates, fees etc) please download the informative brochure. Documents are required before May 15th:


  • Valid passport
  • European health card
  • Passport – sized photo
  • Registration form (must download in order to fill out and sign)


Students who are not members of the EU should have the corresponding visa in order to travel to Ireland. If this is your case, please contact us on the information line 0034 91 7428687 and we will tell you the steps to follow.


Further information


How to get the European Health Card


Although all our students are covered by Europ Assistance insurance company, we also require that all the students have their own European Health Card. This is a free card. To get it:


  • Students who already have had this card from previous years can apply on the internet (link).


  • Students who have never requested this card, should request it in the closest Social Security office to yours. ( Indispensable to submit the Spanish health card of the person concerned) (link)