standard-title Complementary activities

Complementary activities

The Program has three complementary activities for those students who are interested in doing them. These activities are optional and the students who choose them leave their scheduled time during the day of the activity, without prejudice to the other colleagues who continue their regular activities.

Big Challenge

Activities in the countryside, orienteering, archery, hiking etc. Ideal for nature lovers. Treasure hunting, workshops in the forest, games in the natural environment.


An unforgettable day of varied activities, zip line, cars, minigolf, etc. The activity is carried out in a specific facility where food, the accompaniment of our teachers, and a full day of activities are assured.



This exit consists of a full day of activity in the facility prepared for this purpose and includes, in turn, accompaniment by our teachers, transportation by bus, food and special insurance. You can enjoy karts on a circuit located in the same facility.


Students will work on different radio formats in a studio with professionals of the communication.