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Contact your child

How to talk on the phone with my child?

Students who bring their own phones will leave them in their rooms and can speak with their families at the times arranged for each group of color in the schedule below.


As the schedule may vary depending on the activities they have each day, we recommend that if you want to contact your child through their own phone, it is he/she who makes their parents a missed call so they know they can call them.

The School secretary telephone number will be used to contact the School administration. Students do not have access to this line. Times for phone calls will depend on the color group. If you are going to use the lines designated by our organization, please limit your call time so that the maximum number of students can use this service.

Available lines for contacting your child:

Phone 1: 0034 608 20 65 61

Phone 2: 0034 608 23 93 79

Phone 3: 0034 650 94 13 36



The schedules are marked in Irish time.

The IRELAND-SPAIN time difference is one hour less.

Example: 6:30 p.m. in Spain is 5:30 p.m. in Ireland.